About Us

The International Association for Urban Climate (IAUC) is an organization seeking membership from those with scientific, scholarly and technical interests and responsibilities in:

  • the climatology and meteorology of built-up areas,
  • exchange processes between the urban “surface” and the overlying boundary layer,
  • urban air quality,
  • wind and turbulence in the city,
  • measurement, modeling and remote sensing of urban atmospheric and surface characteristics at all scales,
  • micro-scale processes and patterns associated with urban landscape elements (buildings, canyons, parks, roads etc),
  • building climatology,
  • biometeorology and bioclimatology within urban ecosystems, including human comfort and hazards,
  • the inclusion of urban atmospheric processes into design and planning and the modelling of weather, and
  • the representation of urban landscapes in models of climate at meso-scales.

The IAUC sponsors urbclim, an email distribution list devoted to the above topical areas and closely-related ones.


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